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Round-up of Spotlight:Fish with National and International Cuisine

Time flies so fast...few months back the idea came to my mind to host an event on Fish, then I was hesitating, may be I won't be able to give so much time, and see I'm posting the Round-up of The 1st event on Appyayan. I am so thankful to all the bloggers and non-bloggers who have gracefully participated on this event and made this event a huge success. Because of this huge response, I've become more enthusiast and I promise Spotlight event will continue. Next month, I'm hosting Sunday Snacks event by Pallavi of All thinz yummy. After that or if possible in between, I'll put my Spotlight on something.
Check out this array of fish dishes thru this film I've received from 20 bloggers, some of them with multiple entries. Some of them I knew and some of them I've known for the first time. Through this event, I came to know so many new bloggers. I want to thank each one of you for your kind participation.....enjoy this feast for eyes..............

The participants in alphabetical order :

1. Ann of A Delighted Foodie
2. Aysha of Life Today

3. Bong Mom of Bong Mom's Cookbook
4. Indrani/Myself of Appyayan
5. Jyothi of Shadruchulu
6. Lissie of Salt and spice
7. Malini of Khana Khazana with Malini
8. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food
9. Nabanita/Pinky of Esho-Bosho-Aahare
10. Nisha of Look who's cooking too
11. Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
12. Radhika of Sourashtra Kitchen 
13. Renuga & Gayathri of Ideas for a wonder home maker
14. Sharmila of Kichu Khon 
15. Soma of eCurry 
16. Sudeshna of Cook like a Bong 
17. Sudha of Malaysian delicacasies
18. Sumathy of Sumi's Kitchen 
19. Sunanda of Sunanda's Kitchen 
20. Tulip of Amader Rasona 
21. Valarmathy of Simple and Yummy Recipes 

I've arranged the round-up in categories by type of the dishes and then by cuisine:

1. Appetizer/Snack/side dish :
    Valarmathy sent a Fish fry recipe which is an authentic recipe of Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, which she says, "Food from Andhra Pradesh is rich, high on spices, it is absolutely delicious and the taste is very distinguishable. The spicy lip smacking dish of Andhra Pradesh are something to savour forever."

2. Priya of Priya's easy N Tasty Recipes sent Bread N Salmon Fish Pakora ,
which is her own creation , as she never likes gravies made with this fish(here we're very similar, Priya, Me too never liked it), she thought to make pakoras with this fish and leftover bread slices. Great Idea, Priya...I'll surely try this yummy recipe

3. Soma of eCurry sent Tandoori Fish . Tandoori is a traditional North and North-western Indian cuisine and Soma made this dish with home-made tandoori masala, not with store bought one. Amazing energy you have, Soma and in her place, she explains nicely about this amazing cooking technique, Tandoor and the ingredients of Tandoori masala.

 4. Sudeshna of Cook like a Bong sent several entries, but I was drooling over this yummy Macher Dimer(Fish roe) Vada. This is an authentic recipe from Bengali cuisine. She gave a very good and elaborate explanation on Fish roe, which you all should check out. Just lovely, Sudeshna.

5. My contribution in this category is Fish Cutlet, a popular snack of Bengal and an authentic Bengali recipe. This is little time consuming but very enjoyable snack. You can please your guest or anyone with this yummy snack. Serve with cucumber-onion-tomato slices and a dollop of Bengali kasundi(mustard relish)..ummmm yumm

6. Another entry from my side, which is a side dish I make very frequently, Potato & Shrimp Fry. I don't know about the authenticity of this recipe, but my mom used to make this whenever we had shrimp at home. It goes very well with simple meal menu like, lentil, rice and this fry.

7. Ilish mach bhaja(Hilsa fish fry) from

Sharmila of Kichu khon : Simple hilsa fish fry with only turmeric and salt, but taste just great. Top in all bengalis favorite food list. 
8. Jyothi of Shadruchulu sent an authentic Fish Fry recipe. The recipe is from her native place Andhra Pradesh, fish marinated with spices and fried with oil in a pan...just lovely, Jyothi

2. Main Course (Curry/gravy) :
I've categorise this section with recipes from different cuisines, as that was my intention of doing this event to learn authentic recipes from different places........

Kerala Cuisine : 

One highly fish influenced state of India just like Bengal is Kerala. Varieties of fishes including shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, oil sardines, mackerel, prawn, silver bellies, tuna, sting rays, shark, crabs, mussels, and oysters comprise the popular seafood items of Kerala.
1. Ann of A delighted Foodie sent an authentic fish recipe from Central Kerala, 
Mullan Vattichathu/Striped Ponyfish in a spicy,tangy yet mild gravy, she made it with ponyfish, which is very new to me, known as Mullan in Kerala. The color of the gravy is absolutely gorgeous, Ann
2. Another relish from Kerala, I got from Lissie of Salt and Spice is, Fish Pickle, which is an absolute keeper recipe, I never heard of pickle made of Fish. Thanks for sending it to this event, Lissie....just gorgeous
3. Aysha Dileen, sent a traditional everyday dish of keralaites, named Meen Vattichattu....she Used Basa fish for this, Basa is a type of Catfish.

4. Another fish curry from Kerala sent by two bloggers, who blog together, Gayathri and Renuga of Ideas for a wonderful home maker. Spicy Kerala Fish curry....In their blog, they blog on different areas like, home decoration, on kids as well as yummy recipes, everything in one place to make your home heaven in this World..keep the good work, you 2.

2. Konkani Cuisine :
Konkani Cuisine, is another Indian cuisine greatly influenced by Fish.
This cuisine is prevalent in the coastal parts of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. The manner in which Konkani cuisine prepares fish gives it another taste altogether. This is because of the marinating procedures involved in the process.

Fish recipes from Konkani Cuisine sent by one of the most active blogger in the blogosphere at least I know, Meera of Enjoy Indian Food. She sent us two recipes..
Kotambir Methi (in south canara style) :This fish curry is traditionally made with Indian Mackerel, but she used Mahi mahi or Rainbow trout fillet

Sungatha Fanna Upkari(fiery Prawn curry) : she shares that she has a great passion for seafood(here we have a similar taste bud, Meera) and how she had missed fish tastes after moving to US. We all had gone through this face, Meera. Even you find fish in US, it's not similar like India. The curry look really fiery, wow what a red vibrant color!! Just Lovely........

Himachali Cuisine :

Cuisine of Himachal is very similar to North Indian cuisine yet it definitely has a uniqueness of its own. Influence of Punjab and Tibet can be clearly seen in the Himachal cuisine. Himachalis are most hospitable, and inviting an ‘acquaintance’(this could be someone they’ve just met!) home is a way of life. The host will then offer whatever food there is in the house, for they believe that a guest should not leave without eating. In case you have no time for it or turn down the offer for some reason, you will find something being stuffed into your bag – be it just green apples!

Trendsetter of Palates & palettes, a blogger which I got to know for first time, sent us a Himachali Fish curry made with Trout Kullu fish

Andhra Cuisine :
Andhra Cuisine or the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is reputedly known as the spiciest of all indian cuisines.

Jyothi of Shadruchulu sent her mom's recipe made in telengana style fish Curry. Telengana is a region in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Telengana cuisine is flavoured by red hot chillies and tamarinds.

Parsi Cuisine : 
Parsi cuisine is an eclectic north-west Indian recipe tradition native to the Parsis living in India, migrated from Persia or present day Iran.
One persian recipe sent by Bong Mom of Bong Mom's cookbook : Prawn Patia

International cuisine : 
This entry sent by Trendsetter from Continental CuisineFish Fingers with Tartar sauce

Malaysian cuisine :
SUdha of Malaysian Delicacies sent a Malaysian fish delicacy Asam Pedas/Asam Fish She says, [Asam pedas is one dish synonymous with Malacca as well as Johor in Malaysia and it is so popular that it’s said “a trip to Melaka or Johor is incomplete without savouring it”.]

Bengali cuisine : 
Lastly, my native cuisine, bengali cuisine. Bengali cuisine is the cuisine of Indian state of West Bengal. Bengalis are known as the inveterate eaters of fish as Fish is the main source of protein here and no good meal is complete without this.  Bengali cuisine does not start and end with fish, though it forms a large part of the Bengali's food habits. Almost every part of fish is eaten here, from fish head to fish oil. Some most common or popular fish varieties are from Sweetwater fishes are carp like Rui(rohu), Katla, Pabda(Indian butter fish), from Catfish family- tangra, magur, shingi, From Saltwater fishes - Ilish(hilsa) is an Icon of bengali cuisine, Shrimp or prawn(Chingri in bengali) is also very popular among bengalis and lots of fish delicacies are made with it. Here you'll see a great cover-up of most popular fish recipes of Bengal, I've received from my Bengali blogger friends....
I've categorise all bengali recipes in the way of Cooking, so you can see how many ways bengalis make their fish :
 Jhol(Curry): Thin gravy of fish seasoned with ground spices and thin slices of vegetables added to it.
1. Pomfret Fish curry from me

2. Ilish macher Jhol(Hilsa Fish Curry with potato & eggplant) from Tulip of Amader Rasona : a very popular and delicious fish curry

3. Bengali Fish curry in Microwave from Malini Of Khana Khazana with Malini : A fish curry with Rohu fish cooked in microwave

Jhal or dry gravy : Fish is lightly fried first and then cooked in light sauce of ground mustard or other spices. For tempering, panchphoron(a dry spice mixture of Five spices) or black cumin is used.
1. Sorshe Bhetki (Fish in Mustard gravy) from me: Bhetki, which is similar to Seabass, cooked in mustard sauce gravy

2. Sorshe Rui(rohu in mustard gravy) from Malini of Khana Khazana with Malini : A similar dish, where Rohu is cooked in mustard sauce gravy

3. Another Sorshe mach from Sunanda of Sunanda's Kitchen 

4. A dry preperation from Sharmila of Kichu Khon, Tomato Chingri(tomato prawn) : Not an authentic one, but a very simple yet delicious dish created by Sharmila, just for her by chopping this and that and made this yummy looking dish(which she is very good at)

5. Doi Mach(Fish cooked in yoghurt sauce) from Bong Mom of Bong Mom's Cookbook : A favorite bengali dish made in every special occassions. Fish is lightly fried and cooked with yoghurt and very few spices...just delicious...

6. Doi Katla (katla fish in yoghurt sauce) from Nabanita(pinky) of Esho-bosho-aahare: it is a similar dish like above, but she made it with Katla fish, a popular bengali fish from Carp family.

7. Tanngra macher Jhol/Jhal : a dry gravy dish from Sunanda of Sunanda's Kitchen, made with small fish like Tangra(from catfish family)

Bhapa (steamed): Fish or vegetables are steamed with little oil and spices, mostly with ground mustard. The traditional way of steaming is to wrap the marinated fish pieces in banana leaf. Can also be done in steaming pot or pressure cooker or oven.

1. Bhapa Ilish (Steamed Hilsa Fish) from Bong mom of Bong Mom's cookbook: A must-have delicacy of bengali cuisine, which she prepared in oven

2. Baked Sorshe Ilish (hilsa baked in mustard sauce) from Sharmila of Kichu Khon : She also baked it.

3. Chingri mach Bhape(Steamed shrimp in mustard sauce) from me : here I made this dish with shrimp marinated with ground mustard, coconut and a little yoghurt, in pressure cooker

4.Another Bhapa Chingri(steamed prawn) from Sudeshna of Cook like a Bong : She did it in a double-boiler.

Kalia : A rich preperation of fish made in a sauce of onion-ginger-garlic and with veri little spices like turmeric and chilli, finally wih a touch of ghee(clarified butter) and Bengali garam masala(powder of cardamom, cinnamon & cloves), normally made with carp(Rohu or Katla)

1. Macher Kalia from Sunanda of Sunanda's Kitchen

 2. Rui macher kalia from Malini of Khana Khazana with Malini

 3. Another Rui macher kalia from Tulip of Amader Rasona

Fish with vegetables : Often made in Bengali kitchen this variety of dishes to make a simple vegetable dish a delicious one, flavoured mostly with small or medium sized shrimp or prawn
1. Lau chingri( Shrimp with bottle gourd) from me 

2. Kochu Chingri(shrimp with taro root/arbi) from me

Using Fish head : As I told you, in bengali cuisine, all parts of fish is eaten in some way. Fish head, first fried and then used in lentil or cooked with lots of vegetables in one dish and even with rice.
1. Macher Muror Dal (Fish head dal) from Sunanda of Sunanda's Kitchen: Muro is fish head in bengali. Fish head is cooked with lentil. It is just delicious and a traditional fish recipe often served in special homely occassions.

2. Macher Muror Ghonto(fish head curry) from Sunanda again : Fish head cooked with flavoured rice like basmati. It's just delicious and flavourful dish..thanks a lot, Sunanda for these authentic fish recipes.

3. Chenchra from Sudeshna of Cook like a Bong : Here fish head is cooked with green herb and other vegetables..just love this dish. The presence of fish head makes this dish an unforgettable experience.

Macher Dimer kalia (fish roe curry)    from me : a dry preperation of fish roe..just yummy, serve it with hot rice

Rice preperation with Fish 
Sweet Potato & Prawn Pulao from me : a simple but delicious dish, I added prawn and sweet potato for extra goodness in one dish

That's all from Bengali cuisine...Now it's time for
Participant's Own Creations :

1. Easy Breezy Salmon Curry from Sumathy of Sumi's Kitchen : She says, it's a must try of salmon for people who love salmon, even you don't love, you 'll start liking it..then I'll definitely try your recipe, I fall in the second category.

2. Random Fish Curry/Mali Amti from Radhika of Sourashtra Kitchen : She made this curry with Kingfish
..absolutely gorgeous, radhika

3. Fish Khurma from Jyothi of Shadruchulu : a new blogger to me and she blogs in both English and Telegu

4. Another entry in this category from Renuga and Gayathri of Ideas for a wonderful home maker : Steamed Pomfret

5. Another creation from above bloggers, Fish Gravy

6. I'll end this round-up with this gorgeous entry from Nisha of Look, who's cooking too   is  Fried, Line Caught Tuna Steaks. She couldn't decide in what way she should make this fish, continental or Indian and finally decided to do in Indian way. I've to tell, it's just one gorgeous looking Tuna steak..great Job, Nisha

So what do you say friends, Wasn't it a successful event......Bookmark this round-up, fish lovers and I'm going to try each one of yours recipe...if I've missed(hope not) any of your entries, please mail me ASAP...I'll update soon
Thanks again friends..........


Malini said...

great roundup Indrani......

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Great work Indrani...Wat an excellent roundup Dear...

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dekhe dekh pagol hoye gelam Indrani:-) what a store house of fish recipes! Lovely round up!

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So many dishes, so many to try out.
A good event and well done.

Sharmila said...

Koto fish recipes Indrani! Charidike veg dekhe dekhe ekhane eshe mon ta bhoregelo. :-)
Ami ekhno afshosh korchi aro kichu pathate na pere ... Pujo toh eshe gelo .. pujor opor kono spotlight koro. :-)
Great job .. round up ta khub shundor hoyechey! :-)

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Wonderful roundup Indrani. Great job.. keep it up and a Bigggggggggg Congratulations..

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hi Indrani,
What a round up dear! amazing !!you deserve a huge hug and a hearty congratulations on the super duper success of the event!!
Kudos and keep up the fab job dear!

Indrani said...

Thank you all, Nice that you all liked the round-up....all those nice recipes made this event successful and colorful
@ Suparna, Thanks dear for the huge hug

Sudeshna said...

Awesome round up and once again thank you for hosting such an wonderful event. I have bookmarked this page and will be back anytime I want to cook something fishy :)

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Ebar theke mach ranna korar aage ei page ta visit korte hobe !! :P

Indrani said...

Thanks, HCOF, pinky, sudeshna, pinky, parita, Tulip

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