Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Bye 2008 & Welcome 2009

Wow!! one year has gone already, it feels like just few months ago we celebrated new year and now another year is ahead of us. I discovered this wonder world of food blogging early this year and started this blog in April. At the beginning, I couldn't post so much, as I got so little time to spend here. But as time passed, I was addicted to it and I managed some more time than before and posted more. Still every morning, I eagerly open my blog to see if I received any comments. It feels so good to see that everybody is so generous to appreciate your creation with their sweet words. Through this blog, I learned so many new arenas of cooking from fellow bloggers and learned about new food which I never heard of and one thing I am still learning how to present the food.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my mom beacuse of her I not only learned cooking, but also showing my cooking to the world. In college days, when my mom used to call me in kitchen and showed her cooking and I was so reluctant to go to the kitchen even. Then my mom used to tell me, you will thank me one day for this. Today I thank you mom whole heartedly. Also thanks to all blogger friends and visitors, it is your sweet comments that made me run this blog.
It was Srivalli's(Cooking 4 All Seasons) idea to put together all the actions of this year in one place and choose some of our favorites. Love the idea and participating in your Best of year 2008 Event with this post.

Well looking back, all my posts are my favorite in some ways. Selecting 10 of them feels quite difficult.
Any way, these are my 10 most favorite recipes of this year...
1. Tomato Mutton : As it is one of our family favorite.

2. Tri-color chinese stir-fry vegetable : I do this very often as a side dish with any dal

3. Almond Kulfi : This is one of my daughter's regular demand in summer time.

4. Paneer Makhani : My daughter loves paneer. She can have paneer everyday..so this is her favorite

5. Chinese kidney beans & Potato Fry : For fisrt time, I got
lots of sweet comments for this recipe

6. Chingri Mach Bhape(Steamed shrimp in mustard sauce) : This is popular bengali fish curry and
heathy way cooking fish and off course my favorite

7. Tamarind soup with vegetables : This I prepared for Veda Murthy's Challenge event.

8. Natun Gurer Payesh (Kheer with palm jaggery) :
This is one of the absolute favorite sweet dish of bengal and even my toddlers also love this.

9. Crispy Moong Dal Masala Dosa : This I have discovered newly
and will make it very often

10. Badhakopir Tak Dom (Cabbage in a tomato gravy) : This is my mom's recipe, I never heard of this
recipe in any bengali cook book.... my alsolute favorite

NEXT is best of each month :

Best of April'08 : Vegetable Kofta Curry
Best of May,'08 : Green Mango Chutney
June & July I was in Summer break
Best of August,'08 : Soy Muttor(soya nuggets with green peas)
Best of September,'08 : In this month, I published 3 posts on Durga Puja, how bengalis celebrate and festive food of DURGA puja..Check them out here, here and here
Best of October,'08 : Patishapta Pitha
Best of November,08 : Dhokar Dalna (lentil cakes in a gravy)
Best of December,'08 : Ghugni (Dry white peas curry)

I have prepared lots of recipes from other blogs but couldn't post all of them, this is my favorite recipe : Moong Dal Masala Dosa , which I prepared from Manjula's Kitchen

Best Meal of the year : I havn't posted much meal this year, surely will post next year, but this is my family's one of the favorite meal Bengali khichudi, Labra(mixed Vegetable & Chutney

Best picture of the year : In this field, I am an ameteur, learning everyday from others , this is one of my favorite picture, which I clicked for CLICK : food photo event.
As this is my first year, I have discovered so many wonderful, creative food bloggers by whom I am inspired daily to try out new things and learning so many things.

My resolution for 2009 would be :
  1. Cook all the bookmarked recipes from other blogs and post them.
  2. Publish more often.
It was really fun visiting old posts and doing this recap, Srivalli. SO sending this post to your Best of the Year 2008 event.

Wish all of my fellow bloggers, readers and their families a Happy, healthy & prosperous New Year


Srivalli said...

That's such a lovely post...thanks for sharing!

Wish you a happy New Year!

Sharmila said...

Wow! What a compilation! Am going to check out all your selected posts. :-)
All good wishes for the new year! :-)

Priya said...

Awesome post Indrani..Happy new year dear!!

Usha said...

Nice post,everything looks yum, loved the picture you have taken for the click event, cute...Happy new year to you and your family, have a wonderful 2009 :-)

Malar Gandhi said...

Awesome collection, good ob!

Uma said...

mouth-watering spread! Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year 2009!

Indrani said...

Wish you all a wonder ful new year, Sri, sharmila, priya, Usha, malar & Uma

Shama Nagarajan said...

hai u have a nice blog with yummy collection

SriLekha said...

all the recipes look too good!
do visit my blog when u find time and join in the savory event going in my blog!

Indrani said...

Thanks, srilekha & I will surely try to send some to ur event and I visit your blog quite often

Indrani said...

Thanks, Shama and keep visiting me

Mrs.Kannan said...

Hey first time to your blog...got some nice recipes,bookmarked and will drop often;

Soma said...

Indrani.. very nice collection.
Almond kulfi is all of ours fav. too, anytime.

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